The Paige Capo Company

For the better part of two decades The Paige Capo has been in guitar, banjo, and mandolin cases of musicians across the globe. From the spotlights of Grammy stages, to the neon lights of small town dance floors. The Paige Capo has been a strong choice for amateur and professional musicians alike. It's been hailed as a product that does what it should without any fuss, a capo that can be depended on, and one that simply produces results.

In 1988 musician and founder Bryan Paige put his tool-and-die background to use in constructing a guitar capo that would suit his needs; ultra thin with a quick and easy movement, could be stored behind the nut of the instrument, and most of all wouldn't pull the strings out of tune. Hand-crafted within the small family-owned tool and die shop, what began as a product for one musician's personal use quickly extended to an intimate network of friends and local musicians.

The Paige Capo was introduced to the market in 1989. While the capo was initially associated with the bluegrass genre, within several years it quickly garnered the attention of a larger, diverse community of musicians. Bryan Paige's own personal quest for tuning evolved into the company of Paige Musical Products. The family-owned and operated company experienced considerable grassroots success, and a tremendous amount of direct store orders soon prompted national distribution.

Since the early days, Paige Musical Products has established a firm and respected spot in the musical accessory market. With a commitment to establish relationships instead of customers, the Paige family continues to cross the barriers of standard marketing and musically connect with fans and friends, all from their family farm in Southern Michigan.

Paige now offers three lines of capos with sixteen different models in total and is in over a dozen countries world wide.

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